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Why Topaz Lingerie?

September 14, 2017

You might be wondering how we came to choose Topaz Lingerie for our company.  What does “Topaz” have to do with it? Well, Topaz is a mineral and a gem, it's tougher than it looks (hardness of 8 on the mineral hardness scale), it comes in all shapes, colours and sizes, and it has what geologists call “perfect cleavage”!  It seemed to be the perfect way to describe our customers at Topaz Lingerie.   Read more »

Bra sister sizes and the myth of the DD cup

June 24, 2014

It seems like in our culture, the 'DD' bra size is seen as 'huge' or 'desirable'.  This statement in itself doesn't make sense, because a DD measurement is simply saying that the chest measurement is five inches larger than the rib cage measurement.  It doesn't actually have anything to do with breast size.  For a bra measurement, the same cup size will be assigned a different letter, depending on the band size.  For example:   28DD = 30D = 32C = 34B = 36A   The cups in all of these bras will look the same; the band will just be a different length.  This often means that women with small rib cages will have the most difficulty finding bras... Read more »