Strapless bra season

If you're like me, there are two times a year where I take a cautious look at my strapless bras after ignoring them for six months: around Christmas and New Year's parties, and when the weather starts getting warm -- like around now.  I say a cautious look because strapless bras are notoriously uncomfortable (sometimes downright painful!) and unsupportive, but can be a necessary evil if you want to try a spaghetti strap or strapless style.  So what's a girl to do in order to look good and be comfortable at the same time?


My first suggestion is to buy a strapless bra with a tight strap -- maybe even buy a band size down, if you can.  Normal bras should gain most of their support from the band, but strapless bras gain all of their support from the band, so you need a very supportive band!  A strapless bra with boning helps with the support too!


We have two strapless bras on our website, and they're both pretty amazing in their own ways, depending on what you're looking for.


First, the Porcelain Strapless Bra.  It's moulded, seamless, plunging, and comes in black and nude -- pretty much invisible under most tops!  It also feels thin and light, which pairs well with a light, summery dress.  Many dresses and tops that call for a strapless bra also call for a plunge style, so this bra fits the bill nicely.  The only one downside is that the shape is not as 'lifted' as the average bra with straps.  It does come with detachable straps, so you have the option of using the multi-way straps, if your outfit permits.


Second, the Deco Longline Strapless Bra.  Again, this bra is moulded and seamless, with black and ivory options.  And when we talk about the band providing support, this bra goes above and beyond -- the longline style is long enough to have five hooks, thus cinching you in and providing incredible lift for a strapless bra.  It definitely feels heavy duty, like you can subject it to anything and it'll still hold up.  It also has the tried-and-true Deco shape, which so many of you might already know and love!  The downside of this bra, as least for me, is that after about four hours, it got uncomfortable.  Given the track record of most strapless bras, though, that's not bad!


Is it warm enough for you to start thinking about strapless bra season?  Are you dreading it?  Check out these options for your next outfit and let me know what you think!