It's beginning to look a lot like...

The weather is getting colder... the leaves on the trees are changing... we're pulling out scarves and boots and sweaters... we're eating comfort food and drinking hot chocolate... and all of a sudden, it's the season for parties and egg nog and candy canes and getting dressed up!  Now, what's a girl to do about the pesky bra (and bra strap) issues that most dresses seem to have?

First, the strapless option.  Strapless bras are great if you're wearing a strapless dress or a dress with complicated straps.  They come with detachable straps so you can do a cross-back, racer-back or halter-neck option.  We have reviews of two of the best strapless bras in another article here.

Second, the Deco is a great option for a dress that's fitted and smooth, and/or plunging.  It has the added benefits of comfort and the fact that you might already have one in your dresser!  The new Deco Vibe has the added benefit of a built-in J-hook so you can racerback it if your outfit needs it.

Third, the traditional LBD is popular for the Christmas and New Year's season, especially with some added sparkle!  You can easily be subtle with a black dress and a black bra, especially if it's a pretty lacy bra with a great shape like Envy

Bra Hacks

You might have a bra in mind for your party outfit, but it might need a bit of 'tweaking' before it's perfect.  Try these:

  • For a low-backed dress, try a bra back converter.
  • For a sleeveless dress where your straps might show if they move around, try a hide-a-strap.
  • For strapless bras that don't seem to stay up, try this smart trick.
  • For straps that slide around and don't stay in place (or low-cut tops that don't sit right, or so many other issues), try body tape.

Now, armed with plenty of tips to avoid wardrobe malfunctions and keep you comfortable and securely supported, you're ready to go out and enjoy the merriment!