Exchanges and Returns

Our return policy

We're sorry that your product didn't work out. We want you to be ridiculously happy with your purchase, so we're happy to accept exchanges and returns, until we can find something that works great for you.

Unfortunately, we can't accept product returns unless they come back in original condition. That means:

If your product arrives with shipping damage, please take pictures of the box as it arrived and pictures of any damage inside. We'll take care of it.


Before your return

Let us know there's a problem before making an exchange or return. Tell us what you ordered and why it's not working, and hopefully we'll be able to find something that works.


Preparing a return shipment

You may the original box for your return shipment. If you do, please tear off or cover all of the original shipping labels, or the shipper might get confused and send it back to you!

Don't label your package "fragile". Fun fact: studies have shown that "fragile" packages get rougher treatment.

Place all products in the box, with some tissue paper for cushioning.

Leave a copy of your sales order in the box, so we know who sent the package.

We recommend shipping by Canada Post.  Please email for our return address.

If the value of your return is more than $100, we recommend shipping insurance, just in case something goes wrong.