Shipping, Special Orders and Returns Questions


What happens if I buy something that doesn't work for me?


We're happy to return or exchange any items are in original condition.  That means:

If your product arrives with shipping damage, please take pictures of the box as it arrived and pictures of any damage inside.  We'll take care of it.


What happens if I make a special order and it doesn't work for me?


If the item is in original condition, we're happy to return it, just like any other item.  It'll just become part of our in-stock inventory.


How long does shipping usually take?


For items in stock, shipping within Victoria takes 1-2 business days and across Canada takes 4-7 business days.

For special orders, we usually receive the items from our suppliers within about 2 weeks, so just add 2 weeks to normal shipping times.


You say you carry ___ size bras, but I can't find any on the website.  What's going on?


We're a small, but growing company, and not everything we have available will be on the website, especially if you are a more rare size.  But have no fear, you're not out of luck!  Please contact us with your approximate size and we can send you pictures (or post them on the website or Facebook page) of what we have available for you.


Social Media Questions


I can't find your Facebook page.  What's the address?




I'm interested in some of the products I've seen on your Facebook page, but I can't find them on the website.  How do I order them?


The products on the website are only a subset of what's available through our suppliers -- mostly highlighting products we have in stock.  Just send us an email or a Facebook message and we can special order the item for you!


Are you on Twitter?


Yes!  Follow us, @TopazLingerie.


Fit Questions


The back of my bra keeps riding up.  What am I doing wrong?


Your band size is likely too big and your cup size is too small.  See our Fit Guide for more details.


My breasts are spilling over the top of my bra cups.  What's the problem?


Either you're full on top and you're wearing the wrong style of bra for you, or your cup size is too small.  See our Fit Guide for more details.


I went through your Fit Guide and there's no way I'm a ___ cup!  I've always worn a cup size a lot smaller than that.


If you try to buy a bra at most malls in Canada, you'll get the impression that no one is less than a 32 band and no one is more than a DD cup!  If you're legitimately outside of that range, they'll try to increase your band size so that your breasts will fit into a DD cup.  If you still don't believe us, try it out!  Order a bra in the size and style you get from the fit guide and try it on.  If you don't like it, send it back.

A good resource is http://www.brabandproject.com/, which shows you what various bra sizes look like in 'real life'.  Just select whatever size our Fit Guide says and see if it looks like you.