Step 3 – Check your shape

Keep in mind that the tape measure method is just a good place to start.  Every one of you is unique and your bra size can’t be figured out with just two measurements.  Here are a few more things to keep in mind:

Look at your natural shape.  Are you more rounded or more oblong?  Rounded breasts tend to fit better in seamless or moulded cups (try the Jana bra), and more oblong breasts may fit better in seamed bras.  Try the Tango bra, for example.

Lean forward slightly.  Can you fit the width of one or two fingers between your breasts against your breastbone, or do they come together in a ‘V’ almost immediately?  If you’re more wide-set, try a balconnette bra (like the Rebecca).  If you’re set more narrowly, try a plunge style, like the Deco bra.

What’s your favourite style?  Do you prefer a lacy style or a t-shirt bra?  You should like the bra that you’re wearing!  If you don’t see something on our website that fits you and matches your style, contact us and we’ll see if we can find another style that fits your needs.


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